Battle for glory (Lays cream and onion VS Balaji cream and onion)

#Desi Vs Videshi

Balaji’s cream and onion waffers 

How does someone rattle a heavyweight in your business ? Simple by challenging him in his domain specialisation his prime offering 

perhaps that is something that first struck my mind when I came across these two brands presenting same offering ,

Beginning with the 

Balaji cream and onion :

Basic fried potato waffers sprinkled with spice mix flavors a close and wonderful attempt on cream & onion match potato’s are crisp fresh with hint of salt flavors are existent but not very prominent you can feel more of basic waffer flavor when eating one of these .

Lays cream and onion classic :

Lays on other hand retains its premium flavor offering of cream & onion chips are crisp what’s different from its Indian opponent is chips taste bit more of salty tangy flavor hint of Organo and spice mix 
Bottom line : on personal note I loved balaji’s attempt on flavor that could also be because I m more fan of quantity of offering πŸ˜€

However there could be an argument raised here from chips in lays packet sighting they have sufficient space for breathing as compared to other brands πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ kidding 

To summarize would like to say that both brands have done good work with flavor and someone  could like one over the other.based on contexts of brand loyalty ,taste preference , quantity vs quality 


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