Avijo gujarat maa (Tastes of Baroda)

24th December 2016

Vadodara Gujarat

By Abdul Samad (HungryManiac)

There is no love greater than love for food ” goes a popular saying and our recent encounter with the traditional Gujarati cuisine is in consensus to same

Gujarat is Coastal State located in Western India Home to One of Greatest and wonderful Business minds  Life Moves at a Moderate Space But when you are on a journey Exploring food  Behold! this place has so much to offer the region is so rich in culture and Local Cuisine in general has a different touch to it in particular so you will notice spice kick in authentic Gujarati cuisine  but it doesn’t overpower and appeals to one and all which is commendable,and food is high on flavors traditional Gujarati style setup calls for an all together Thalia system of eating which is contrast to tradition you may witness in other states Basic essence of which is to bring people together at dining space and bind them together on food

Mutton Undhiyo : Is a traditional Gujarati style mutton curry spicy ans sour and tastes absolutely delicious bit oily but tasty




Pic courtesy : Mr.Tausif Shaikh

People Speak the national language hindi apart from the regional language so Language barrier rarely a hurdle , Once in Baroda Dont you forget to try their Khoya rabdi Sweet available at Kamal sweets at Lal Bahadur Shopping centre Baroda being a princely state there are lots of fort and monuments that can be explored as well how i wish this journey could have been for long ..but i am sure my short encounter with Gujarat and cuisine will definitely bring me back to this lovely state and food



      1. The drool worthy dishes made me curious, if I too could try them. That’s why I asked which restaurant, as I would love to try it too.


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