Lahori pakwaan.. (an instance with lovely pakistani cuisine) arabian safari day 28th

my journey so far here in Arabic state has been so wonderful so Inspiring i hav emet people from different backgrounds diffrent cultures spoken to them known them , you know what is this best thing about FOOD is its ability to unite people irrespective of their ethnicity and religion or backgrounds

one such instance was my last visit at this elegant restaraunt on streets of Al-Mareija (sharjah UAE) a fine dining style restaraunt serving traditional lahori dishes with an attempt to bring homememories to pakistani masses here in sharjah as also enable others to get taste of traditional cusinines from the land ..

IMAG2785[1]            IMAG2784[1]


interiors are beautiful and place experiences massive foodies and family get together’s however being given my first encounter with lahori cuisine i was clueless what to order after looking at this


something that  a vast widespread menu usually does to a normal human .

we ordered a doner pita , seekh kabab , chicken karahi

( Doner kabab :

Döner kebab is a Turkish dish made of meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie, normally lamb but sometimes beef, or chicken.

The sliced meat of a döner kebab may be served wrapped in a flatbread such as lavash or pita or as a sandwich instead of being served on a plate. It is a common fast-food item not only in Turkey but also in the Middle East, Europe, Canada and Australia. Seasoned meat in the shape of an inverted cone is turned slowly against a vertical rotisserie, then sliced vertically into thin, crisp shavings. On the sandwich version, the meat is generally served with tomato, onion with sumac, pickledcucumber and chilly

embed-kebab1  Doner Kebab

deliciousdoner kebabs and succulent seekh kababs perhaps best ones  have tasted by far , chicken karahi wasfingerlicking good .. though quantity wise less but then quality beats quantity .all in all i would say wonderful experience with lahori cuisine and food is as beautiful as people of lahore thumbs up ..lovedit

IMAG2790[1]                IMAG2791[1]


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