al-laHm ladhiidh.(the food is delicious) ……arabian safari (day 26)

on this journey of discovering different cusines this region has to offer i have now come across the wonderful the generous but tough “THE PATHANS” (The Pathans live in Northern Pakistan and Afghanistan. The group is made up of some 60 Pushto-speaking tribes. The Pathans, also known as Pakhtuns, Pashtuns, Pushtuns, and Pakhtoons, number some 10 million in Pakistan and some 8 million in Afghanistan. They make up the largest ethnocultural group in Afghanistan.)

this section of society in UAE are mostly involved in hardworks & labours apart from that they have carried their traditional food flavours here too i had an opportunity to discover the same roaming along Along the streets of Nabba on super – Hungry evening spotted this Wonderful restaraunt

IMAG2752             IMAG2753

Ambience : a look at interiors and its wonderful afghan style dastarkhwan setup and though you have table setup too have seen most people prefer the humble way of dining on carpet , they have good amount of space inside , restaraunt is clean however i felt AC could have been more powerful considering Summers in UAE that dont spare You even in Evenings .

IMAG2734    IMAG2735



Service : Prompt in Taking orders patient enough to guide through menu variety , and courteous and smiling throughout .very good
Food : we had ordered , a Barbeque Chicken Rice ,at begining they served us some Dal stock which was bit sour and not really tasty .finally arrived the menu .rice was wonderfully cooked it had perfect blend of spices and veggies like carrot , peas existent but not overdone apart from that it had raisins and cashews sumptous amount to give the dish a royal feel and take it to whole new level altogether but the life of dish was indeed the grilled chicken too good .. perfectly grilled yet juicy .. and went well with rice and Ofcourse the mint & green chilly chutney
IMAG2744   IMAG2751
overall i loved the food service and woudl definitely come back again and to dine and to end it i would say

“Pa Dranawi daer Kha kar mo wukudAera manana Click to add a blog post for Bukhari Al Khaleej on Zomato

(Best Regards You have done a great job thanks a lot)


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